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Birth date: 2001-01-31

Body type: Average

Ethnicity: White

Hair color: Blonde

Eyes color: Brown

Subculture: Student

Specifics: POV BigAss BigTits BigNipples BigClit

Best place ever: 0

Number of times favorited: 13874

Historical rating: 0

Viewers rating: 0

Trending rating: 0

Number of viewers: 10

Goal message:

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πŸ’™ PM πŸ’›: 5

πŸ’™ you look great todayπŸ’›: 15

πŸ’™ Ukrainian Girls is BestπŸ’›: 20

πŸ’™ Show Tongue πŸ’›: 21

πŸ’™ Show Feet πŸ’›: 25

πŸ’™ suck fingers πŸ’›: 31

πŸ’™ Fuck PutinπŸ’›: 33

πŸ’™ Go on, dont stop πŸ’›: 45

πŸ’™ Show Ass πŸ’›: 50

πŸ’™ Ahegao πŸ’›: 60

πŸ’™ Show naked Ass πŸ’›: 65

πŸ’™ Show Boobs πŸ’›: 68

πŸ’™ Love Me πŸ’›: 69

πŸ’™ Hate Me πŸ’›: 77

πŸ’™ 10 squats πŸ’›: 78

πŸ’™ Cup of tea of coffee πŸ’›: 90

πŸ’™Pussy in Doggy πŸ’›: 90

πŸ’™ Show Pussy πŸ’›: 91

πŸ’™ Paddle Spank x10 πŸ’›: 101

πŸ’™ Your Name is on my Body πŸ’›: 123

πŸ’™ Sexy Topless Dance πŸ’›: 136

πŸ’™ Naked πŸ’›: 150

πŸ’™ Wet Shirt πŸ’›: 166

πŸ’™ cameltoe πŸ’›: 221

πŸ’™ Dirty Talk in PM πŸ’›: 250

πŸ’™ Spoil Me πŸ’›: 666

πŸ’™ Oil Show πŸ’›: 701

πŸ’™ Why Not πŸ’›: 1000

πŸ’™ Day Off πŸ’›: 10000

πŸ’™ Get drunk together πŸ’›: 6666

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